Extracurricular activities organized by the Hanoi US Embassy at Quang Binh University

In the business trip to the Central part of Vietnam, the delegations of United States Embassy in Hanoi led by Mr. Ngo Dinh Quynh, who was in charge of cultural issues and press, had a working session and organized extracurricular activities for QBU students at Quang Binh University on the morning of August 21, 2019.

Attending the extracurricular session, there were a number of head of the departments and 25 students of English Access program and more than 80 students of the faculties: Foreign Languages, Economics – Tourism and Political Theory.

The content of extracurricular activities includes various interesting topics such as: Introduction of cultural diversity; USA education and Study abroad in the United States; Improve teamwork skills; Opinion presentation, Presentation and Public speaking skills.

The extracurricular session was responded enthusiastically and enthusiastically by the students. Through diverse activities, students have gained a lot of useful information, and learning experiences, which enormously contributed to improving students’ learning motivation, and creativity.