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Quang Binh University successfully held the conference: “Cooperation in education, professional traning and research activities”

5/4/2017 8:38:37 AM

      Implementing the Training Plan for the 2016-2017 school year, April 26, 2017, Quang Binh University held the Conference "Coordination in Training, Professional Training and Scientific Research".

Quang Binh University successfully held the conference: “Cooperation in education, professional traning and research activities”


Panorama of the Conference

Attending the conference there were Mr. Tran Dinh Nhan - Deputy Director of Quang Binh Education and Training Department, leaders of General, Elementary and Pre-School Department (Department of Education and Training); Leaders and specialists of junior secondary school, elementary school and kindergarten of Dong Hoi Education Department; Principals of Junior High Schools, Primary and Kindergarten in Dong Hoi City; PGS.TS. Hoang Duong Hung - Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector of the School, members of the Board of Management, Heads, Deputy Heads and Heads of faculties, Department of teacher training.

In the opening speech, Assoc. TS. Hoang Duong Hung emphasized that:

"Regular pedagogical activities enable students to be proactive in the application of teaching theories provided at pedagogical universities to the teaching practice at preschools, high schools. This is the basis for the development of teacher's quality, emotion and pedagogy. On the other hand, it is the activity that enables the teacher training institutions themselves to recognize and evaluate the training program and the performance of their training, on the basis of which necessary adjustments are made. In order to do a good job of training and research, the school must stick with the practical school, act as a consultant for schools, actively participate in the training process. Schools are not only the place to receive interns but also support the training by allowing students to rub against the practice of teaching, education, giving feedback to build training programs, pedagogic exchange. Therefore, the school wants to develop the mechanism of coordination between schools and schools for long-term investment. On that basis, propose the objectives, principles, content and method of coordination to ensure legal validity and responsibility for teachers training participants, to renovate and synchronize the construction, set up and implement universal education. At the same time, the proposed requirements and criteria for selection of satellite pedagogical training schools as a basis for joint training of teachers to meet the social needs. Innovate training programs to enhance practical skills for students to meet output standards and meet social needs. "These are strategic, practical orientations to gradually affirm the brand of a university.

Assoc. Tran Ngoc - Head of the Training Department reports the overview of the pedagogic practice and some issues that need renovation. The report evaluates what has been done, what has not done yet and highlights issues that are inadequate in pedagogy. Lessons learned and orientations for practical work, pedagogic practice and pedagogical training in the coming years.

Representatives of the Department of Education and Training, the Department of Education and Training in the Department, the High School have exchanged ideas and discussed around the issues on: Role of the School in the practice of pedagogy. Issues that need to be improved in pedagogy such as organization, content, program, duration of practice; result evaluation; Practice expenses ...

On the basis of the opinions exchanged, discussed at the conference, Assoc. Hoang Duong Hung - The Rector summarized the workshop and concluded some issues of agreement between the school and the pedagogic practice schools in the area, giving some orientations to further improve the quality of the real Attendance training in the coming time.

 Based on the content of the discussion, the parties agreed and signed the Memorandum of Cooperation agreement on the following contents:

- Coordinate the implementation of practice and regular training pedagogy, extracurricular activities, cultural and artistic exchange, physical training and sports ... of pupils, students and teachers. rim;

- Coordinate the implementation of training programs, professional training for teachers;

- To coordinate the scientific research of lecturers, teachers and students in the field of educational science; Organize conferences and seminars on professional work between high school teachers and university lecturers.

Pictures in the Conference:


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